The Beauty Myth

There are days when this entire process seems to be about me being a beauty school. Hair. Nails. Makeup. Clothes. I’m like a finishing school for a trans girl. Which is hysterical because I stopped wearing anything but Chapstick and sunscreen years ago. I gave up makeup and cut my hair short and stopped wearing anything but whatever happens to be clean. But for some reason having to do all this for my wife has made me feel like I should do it again too. Am I girl enough in leggings and a T-shirt? Do I need eye-shadow? So instead I died my hair purple and started wearing slightly crazier clothes. My wife says I went LGBT friendly. I think in part it helped me see what not being invisible would be like. It’s not always easy from for me. I kind of like invisibility. But I’m testing my boundaries too. While I buy training bras and nail polish for my wife.

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