More HRT

There are other effects of HRT. It makes you tired. It makes you crave salt. In our relationship what this has meant is it’s almost impossible to convince my husband to do anything active. Which I hate way more than him being a woman. Because I love to move. I’m always moving. Can’t help it. It’s somewhere in my genes. I have to exercise or I go crazy. At one point my dear spouse was obsessed with running. Sadly running is the one exercise I despise. I tried. But I couldn’t maintain it. It just made everything hurt. But then he hurt his back. Not a little. A lot. He couldn’t sit up. He couldn’t walk. He was in constant pain. So no more running. During that time of pain and immobility is when he realized he was trans. And he got better. But he never really regained a desire to run or exercise. The HRT doesn’t help. But as I said, I have to move. Need to move. It would be nice to share that. And he talks about wanting to get in shape, lose weight. But I think it’s about wanting to be a cuter girl. And as a girl who dieted and exercised for years in pursuit of being a cuter girl, that never lasts. It’s impossible to maintain. The pursuit of cute isn’t a good way to find a love of exercise. It’s a sore spot. But you can’t make someone want to move.

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