A standard treatment for trans people is hormones. Trans women take estrogen and testosterone blockers. The right combination and dosage can be complicated. The hormones have various effects. They make your skin softer, can result in a reversal a male pattern baldness (now I have your attention), grow some breast tissue, and result in fewer and less firm erections. That last one I’m not a big fan of but it is what it is. They can also make you moody and, in my estimation, behave like a teenage girl.

So when my husband went to the doctor and got a prescription for hormones I was shocked. We had discussed him going to the doctor but I didn’t think they would just hand over a prescription. I was wrong. When my husband announced this to me we were getting ready to leave for a romantic weekend on the beach in Florida. He started taking the hormones just before we left. And I’d estimate he become the exact replica of me at 13 in about a day. He was moody, anxious, paranoid, and well moody. Which is great when you are in a small hotel room with someone for several days. I had no idea how to respond. I saw my life falling apart. I cried alone on the beach and tried to reconcile the levelheaded, reasonable man I had lived with for eighteen years with the teenage girl upstairs in the hotel. Finally we talked and he agreed to cut the dose in half. But the weekend was a sign of things to come. I knew I was in for a lot more. Maybe it was good I had trial by fire that weekend. It prepared me a little for the months that were to follow.

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