To Tell or Not to Tell Part 2

So the friend from college was supportive. If fairly noisy about our sex life. Seriously? Here is a good lesson in manners. Someone being trans doesn’t change the fact that asking about their sex life or what they have or don’t have below the belt is rude. Geez.

But in general it went well. We are happy to have one person who knows and supports us. Or supports my spouse. I admit to still feeling out here, on an island. Alone. Why is it so hard to find support as a spouse?

You might notice a change in pronouns going forward. Pronouns are a big thing for a lot of transgender people. They don’t want to be called “he” when they are a “she.” I’ve decided that as we start to become more public I’ll start to use “she” and “her” and “wife” to refer to my spouse. But it isn’t a big deal in our house. In part because so many people don’t know and I don’t want to screw up in pubic.

The who to tell saga continues as the holidays approach and I am trying to decide if I should tell my family. I admit to being scared. I think they will be supportive but that doesn’t change that it’s difficult and awkward. So I keep kicking the can down the road one more day. But Christmas approaches and it’s time to shit or get off the pot as my mother might say.


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